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Our 360° approach designs creative solutions beyond packaging! We apply our process to logistics, material production, and retail execution.

Luxury Paper Bags

This “luxury” version of paper bag is 100% handmade and stands both for quality and brand image. The options to develop these bags are almost unlimited. From paper’s quality to handle’s type, everything is possible thanks to the non standardized manufacturing process.

Communicating your brand becomes as free as you would like it: embossing, hot stamping, UV varnish or lamination are some of the parameters you can play with in order to differentiate your packaging from those of your competitors. This packaging solution best suits brands that want to offer the highest level of finishing touch to their end-clients. Often the privileged choice of luxury brands and exclusive players in the fine-food industry, these bags are definitely the best option for highly demanding customers.




Automatic Paper Bags


This very common model of paper bag is exclusively machine made in Europe. The automatic paper bag is definitely the cost-effective alternative to luxury paper bags. Its twisted paper handle characterizes it. Even is the options of this paper bag version are limited, the automatic version allows you to choose from a wide range of paper types such as white kraft paper, ribbed brown kraft paper or normal art paper. Type and color of handles can also be modified.

This smart and cost-effective alternative is often used by high-end brands during the sales season. Brands positioned in the mid-range segment also often choose this option as a good trade-off between luxury and cost effectiveness.


Paper Pouches


Made through similar processes than the luxury paper bag, paper pouches represent the high-end solution for specific marketing actions of exclusive brands. The particularity of the paper pouch is its absence of external handles and the fact that the bag is presented as closed.

Comparably to the luxury paper bag, the paper pouch also offers a wide range of options including almost unlimited paper types options as well as an extraordinary large set of printing options. Often used for the sale of specific smaller items, or to support seasonal marketing actions, branded paper pouches are the choice of exclusive brands that look for additional packaging solutions. Paper pouches are also widely used by our customers aiming to support marketing campaigns using gifts.



Rigid and Flexible Boxes

Luxury and high-end products deserve a made-to-measure packaging. Developing customised boxes allow you to sell your product as a total concept, the packaging becoming an important attribute of your product itself. XMP Packaging produces a large variety of boxes that can suit every particular customer’s need. The boxes we produce can be the best solution to display products such as shirts, ties, wine, food, perfume, shoes or even gift cards among others. From a technical standpoint, we are able to produce every kind of box you may need and welcome any idea or concept that you may want to develop.

The variety of parameters can be important so the development of boxes can also be a challenging task; that’s why at XMP Packaging, our dedicated sales team will closely assist you during the development stage and ensure the manufacturing step meets the high standards required by your brand. Possibilities are endless but we can of course guide you through a few standard type of boxes that have proven their efficiency throughout time.Thanks to the excellence achieved through hand-made manufacturing process, the box option is often the choice of exclusive brands that really need to differentiate themselves from others with packaging that will be kept or used over time.

Reusable Bags

End-customers are becoming more and more sensitive when it comes down to packaging. They are willing to see their favorite brands to become more careful about their environmental impact and to awake everybody’s awareness about what’s at stake for the future generations. Re-usable bags are the perfect solution when developing eco-friendly concepts.

You will be able to choose between several raw materials such as Polypropylene bags (known as PP Woven and PP Non Woven bags) and Polyethylene Terephthalate bags (known as PET bags). All of these bags can be laminated and thus enable you to print whatever design you want.

Aside from the environmental characteristic of this packaging solution, the reusable bag has also the advantage to remain in your customer’s hands over time. Thanks to the strength of the material used, your brand gets an additional opportunity to be part of your clients’ daily life.



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